Assigning a Delegate to your Allocation

Faculty/PIs will often instruct a trusted lab staff member to make decisions regarding their allocation and submit CRC webforms correspondingly to facillitate necessary changes. Common cases are new user accounts for students or standard allocation renewals when they become expired.  

The policy for this has previously been to reach out to the PI for approval anyways, sometimes requesting that they submit the webform themselves, defeating the purpose of the original ticket submission. 

In an attempt to reduce the amount of extra steps required for PIs to facillitate these simpler changes to their proposals, we have introduced a delegate system where PIs can specify a user on their allocation as someone who can

  • Request New Users
  • Request Standard Allocation Proposal Renewals

on their behalf. 

You can request that a user be assigned as a delegate by submitting the help ticket webform with Purpose of Submission: Assign a delegate to my allocation.