Sponsored and Alumni Account Policy

CRC uses the University account username and password for authentication. If a Pitt researcher (PI) would like to provide an external collaborator access to the CRC ecosystem under the PI's allocation, they can do so through the Sponsored Account mechanism. A request for a Sponsored Account should be directed to the Pitt IT help desk. Once the Sponsored Account is created, we can add the username to CRC's system to provide the external collaborator access.

In practice, the external collaborator is treated as a member of the Sponsor's group and can access the allocation resources within that group. The Sponsored Account typically lasts for 1 year. The Sponsor assumes responsibility for renewing the account.



1. I am graduating. Can I still use CRC to wrap up my projects?

Yes. Please ask your Graduate Advisor to transition your account from an Alumni Account to Sponsored Account.

2. I am leaving my postdoctoral training for another position. Can I still use CRC to wrap up my projects?

Yes. You will need to ask your Supervisor to transition your account to a Sponsored Account.

3. I am faculty and I'm leaving Pitt for another institution. Can I still use CRC?

It depends. A faculty who is no longer primarily affiliated with Pitt cannot have their own group account/allocation within CRC. They can get access as a Sponsored Account member under a Sponsor's group/allocation. In this scenario, the Sponsor should request transitioning the faculty account to a Sponsored Account. CRC will then migrate the account into the Sponsor's group/allocation. The migration involves reassigning the data to be under the Sponsor's group; the faculty will retain ownership of the data.

If you believe the above scenarios do not cover your unique circumstances, please contact us using this form and we will be happy to discuss.