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Computing Resources

Service Request Form Cost Use Case Description 
One-time Startup allocation Free Start here to get 25,000 CPU core-hours of computing time and 5TB of project storage to test drive what CRC offers. Duration: active for 1 year.

Annual Project allocation

Scope: for new, renewals, and supplementals

2-page proposal

Continue here if you have used up your startup and need additional resources. Duration: active for 1 year and renewable annually.

Cluster/Resource Type Allocation Limit
MPI 3,200,00 CPU core-hours
SMP 1,700,000 CPU core-hours
HTC 1,000,000 CPU core-hours
GPU 100,000 card-hours


Course allocation Free For courses, workshops, or other training activities. Computing time and storage will be provisioned as needed. Duration: active for 1 term (4 months).


Data Storage Resources

Service Request Form Cost Use Case Description 
First 5TB Free per PI Storage space for project data included with account. Please submit a help ticket if you need this set up.
Beyond 5TB $65/TB/year Increased storage space for project data.

Special Purpose Resources

Service Request Form Cost Use Case Description 
EDA Environment Free A secured environment to support electronic design automation, with access to licensed PDKs (Process Design Kit). Please complete the survey form to get started.
HIPAA Environment coming soon A restricted computing/data environment suitable for analysis of data sets with identifiable protected health information.