Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it cost money to use CRC?
A: CRC provides access to a free tier, beyond which there are costs for additional resources.

Resource Type Free Beyond Free
Storage 5TB per PI $65/TB/year
Compute Access 25,000 core-hours proposal


Q: What if I need more computing time than 25,000 service units?
A: Faculty can submit a short proposal requesting more computing time. See the guidelines for proposals. Proposals must be submitted through this form and should include an attached. The portal page also offers a template for proposals and example of a successful proposal.


Q: What software does CRC have available?
A: The CRC continually updates and expands upon over 400 installed software packages and makes them available via the LMOD module system.

See the full list of available software here.

Users can also install their own R and Python virtual environments to support their workflows.


Q: How can my students get help?
A: Users on an active account can submit help tickets to the CRC team. You can also contact CRC directly. 
Telephone and walk-in information are available on our contact page.


Q: Does the CRC offer training?
A: Alongside offering a variety of workshops and in-class lectures, personal consultations to establish a workflow on the cluster are also available.
See the CRC’s most recent workshops and their recordings in the links on this page's side bar. 


Q: I have forgotten the password associated with my CRC user account, how can I reset it?

A: CRC User accounts are associated with the Pitt ID and password you would use to log in to your University Computing Account. You will need to use this tool or call the Pitt IT helpdesk to reset your account. If your login trouble persist after doing this, please submit a help ticket.