Research Using CRC

Here you can find current proposals for research projects that rely on allocations of resources from CRC. You can an idea of the range and the volume of work at Pitt that relies on CRC - and these are only the projects that use the largest volume of compute time.

PI Department Project Title

Juan Jose Mendoza Arenas

MEMS Tensor Network Simulations for Solving Many-Body Quantum Systems and Partial Differential Equations 

Howard Aizenstein                         

Bioengineering/Geriatric Psychiatry  Neuroimaging Lab (GPN Lab) Imaging Research Proposal 

Carles Badenes


Searching for Planets around Red Clump Stars

Hassane Badrane


Genome Sequence Analysis of Candida Species Clinical Isolates

Riyue Bao Medicine Translational Bioinformatics to Drive Therapeutic and Treatment Advances in Cancer  

Rachel  Bezanson


1. Measuring fraction of rejuvenating galaxies at high-redshift (z~0.7) using the LEGA-Cspectra and Ultra Vistaphotometry

2. Characterizing Morphologies of Distant (z>1) Galaxies with JWST imaging

3. Discovery and Characterization of High Redshift (z>1) Quiescent Galaxies with JWST near-infrared photometry in the UNCOVER Survey

Timothy Billiar Surgery Single-cell Sequencing deconvolutes immune response to trauma related to different clinical trajectories
Bharath Chandrasekaran Communication Science and Disorders Neural Mechanisms of Speech Processing
Wei Chen Pediatrics Computational methods for multi-modal and multi-omics analysis 
Yu-Chiao Chiu Medicine Deep learning of cancer genomics and pharmacogenomics
Lillian Chong Chemistry Advances in Weighted Ensemble Methodology for the Simulation of Rare Events

Alexandre Dombrovski

Psychiatry Computational modeling of altered decision-making in humans in health and disease

Jetlir Duraj

Economics Deep Learning for Various Asset Classes
C. Isaac Garcia MEMS Developing an Advanced Pyrolysis Reactor for Optimized Waste Tire Pyrolysis, Enhancing Material Motion, and Heat Transfer to Produce Valuable Chemicals
Max Goplerud Political Science Computational Analysis of High-Dimensional Statistical Models and Political Texts
Sarah Hainer Biology Chromatin-Mediated Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation in ES cells
Jamie Hanson Psychology Examining the impact of socioeconomic status on hippocampal subregion volumes
Theodore Huppert ECE Accounting for head size distributions in cross-sectional and longitudinal pediatric fNIRS studies 
Michele Insanally Neurobiology Contributions and synaptic basis of diverse cortical neuron responses to task performance
M I Kamboh Human Genetics Genome-wide rare variant association analysis of cognitive aging in older adults 
Udai Kammula Surgery Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of Immune-Resistant Solid Tumors
Kang Kim Medicine Multi-modal 3D Ultrasound imaging measurements of human low back to develop biomarker of chronic low back pain
Soyeon Kim Pediatrics Identifying Genetic and Epigenetic Risk Factors Regulating Gene Expression for Childhood 
David Koes Computational Bio Transfer Learning with Protein Joint Embeddings 
Gary Kohanbash Neurological Surgery Next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis of brain tumor immune landscape
William Layton Math Novel Penalty Methods for Turbulence model
Adrian Lee Pharmacology

Interrogating Genetic Drivers of Metastatic and Recurrent Breast Cancer

Paul Leu

Indusrial Engineering Integrating Problem-Specific Objectives and Surrogates in Bayesian Optimization

Sylvia Liu

Pathology Genomic data analysis for long-read RNA-seq data and for liver research

Giannis Mpourmpakis

CPE Elucidating the Roles Bimetallic Alloy Catalysts in Stereoselective Hydrogenation and of Oxide-Based Hydrogen Donors

Carla Ng


Molecular Dynamic Parameterization, Enzymatic Design, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Paul Richard Ohodnicki


Simulation Design and Validation of Acoustic Response based Structural Healthy Monitoring

Hatice Osmanbeyoglu

Biomedical Informatics Integrative computational framework for linking cell surface proteins to downstream transcriptional programs in cells


Hyun Jung Park

Human Genetics Deep-learning methods to identify nonlinear risk factors using large-scale genomics data

Mary Phillips

Psychiatry ENCORE Diffusion Processing

Amanda Poholek

Surgery Epigenetic and Transcription Factor Control of Immune Cell Differentiation

Edward Prochownik

Pediatrics Role of the 'Extended Myc network’ in promoting wellness and survival 

Caroline Runyun

Neuroscience Encoding properties of excitatory and inhibitory populations across cortex

Wissam Saidi

MEMS Multiscale Investigations of Metals and Binary Alloys at Extreme Conditions:  Towards Challenging Applications in First-Principles Modeling

Inanc Senocak

MEMS Simulations of Atmospheric Flows for Energy and Environment Applications

Kathy Shair

Microbiology Epstein-Barr virus and Microbiome Molecular Pathogenesis in the Nasopharynx 

Eitan Shelef

Geology Numerical Simulation of Drainage Divide Migration and Knickpoint Retreat Near Escarpments

Greg Siegle

Psychiatry Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience

Rakesh Sindhi

Surgery Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience

Gong Tang

Biostatistics K*-Nearest Neighbors Method with Monotonicity Restriction in Principal Causal Effects Estimation

Lu Tang

Biostatistics Heterogeneous Data Integration and Precision Medicine via Machine Learning

LiRong Wang

Pharmacy Analysis on Electronic Medical Records for Outcome Research

Yiru Wang

Economics Local Projections in Unstable Environments: How Effective is Fiscal Policy

Nathan Youngblood

ECE Photonic Neural Network and Photonic Circuits Simulations

Tingting Zhang

Statistics High-Dimensional Directional Network Analysis of Brains  Using Large Neuroimaging Data