VIZ (GUI interface)

The VIZ is the GUI interface at the Center for Research Computing. In this document, we present all the information you need about VIZ.

Here is the table of contents: 

  • Access to VIZ
    • Off-campus access (setting up the VPN)
    • On-campus access

Access to VIZ

CRC computational resources are housed off campus at the University’s main data center. CRC clusters are firewalled, so you can not directly access them when you are off-campus.

Off-campus access

If you are off-campus, the cluster is accessible securely from any where in the world via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a service of CSSD. The VPN requires certain software to run on your system, and multiple alternatives are available in order to cover almost all systems and configurations.

Windows and Mac

Download/Install Pulse VPN and follow the instruction as follows:

pulse1.png  pulse2.png

pulse3.png  pulse4.png

pulse5.png  pulse6.png





VPNC is a commandline VPN application which may be the most convenient way to connect for some Linux users.

Most distributions provide prebuild binaries, or you can get the source and install your own:

Once installed, download the configuration file here (requires login) and move the file to /etc/vpnc/pitt.conf. Then:

  • Adding your username and password and delete YourPittUsername_HERE and YourPittPassword_HERE.
  • Run sudo vpnc pitt, to stop, run sudo vpnc-disconnect
    • Disconnect will kill most recent vpnc
    • Kill all of them with sudo killall vpnc

On-campus access

To access the VIZ GUI, simply open a web browser and go to Then login with your Pitt username and password. You can treat this machine as another login node with extra capability to access to GUI interface. You can also submit jobs to H2P (refer to H2P documentation for more info) using VIZ machine. Below, I provided snapshots on how to access and use VIZ.