CRC Support Ticketing Cut-over to TDX

Dear CRC Users,

We are excited to inform you that our cutover from the current support ticketing module and webforms on our website to corresponding solutions under Pitt IT’s TeamDynamix (TDX) system will take place this coming Friday afternoon (January 26).

Some benefits of this transition include:
- Cleaner presentation of our various webforms
- Availability of the webforms from Pitt IT’s service catalog
- Streamlined interface for viewing and commenting on existing tickets
- More consistent experience with notifications related to ticket updates

After the cutover, the existing ticketing system will technically remain available, but any new tickets will be prompted to submit via the new webforms instead. We will do our best to wrap up on older tickets, creating a corresponding ticket in TDX if needed.

All references to the old forms throughout various documentation on our website will be replaced with links to the new webforms.

Thank you,

The CRC Team