Request for allocation over 10,000 Service Units

Please fill out the form below for requesting a new allocation over 10,000 SUs.

Note the following for allocations and new users:

  1. Only one initial allocation is allowed per group per year.
  2. You may have as many users as you like associated with a given allocation, but it is up to you to internally manage how much of the allocation is used by whom and for which project.
  3. New users can be added to an active allocation at any given time. If want to add new users, do not use the form below. Instead please request via a support ticket foiund on the User Support page.
  4. In the "project description" section, please indicate computational features as much as possible; for example software applications used. Other questions include: Do you have parametric studies (many small jobs), or large parallel jobs? If parallel, how many CPUs are used simultaneously per job? Is it shared or distributed memory parallel?.
  5. Provide a pdf of the proposal following the provided template. For more information, please see Pitt CRC Allocation Proposal Guidelines.
  6. If your proposal is accepted, please acknowledge CRC support and add the generated publication to our doi tracker. Otherwise your allocation won't be renewed for another cycle.
    • To Acknowledge Pitt CRC in your research papers, please visit the acknowledge page.
    •  To add your publications, you can easily add them via our doi tracker (login restricted). These research papers must also be referenced in the renewal allocation proposal.

New proposals can be submitted at any time. Proposal renewals are accepted quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 deadlines.  The duration of an award is for 12 months, starting from the date when the allocation was filled.  Unused CPU time will not carry over to the next allocation period. Researchers who have spent less than 20 percent of their prior allocation will need to provide an explanation of why the resources were not more heavily used when submitting a renewal.

All proposals must conform to the provided template and must be submitted using the online portal below.  Here is an example of a well-written proposal: CRC Allocation Proposal Example 

Proposals should be no more than three pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 point, 1 inch margins, not including references), should describe the proposed research and should justify the requested resources.  For example, if requesting time on the MPI cluster, the proposal should provide a scaling plot that demonstrates the software scales well over a large number of cores (> 140).  If requesting GPU resources, the proposal should provide benchmarks of accelerated computation relative to running on CPUs.

Proposals should indicate whether the project is supported by external funding, and, if so, indicate the agency, title of the project, funding amount and period.  Renewals from existing users of the H2P cluster need to include a list of publications over the past year that acknowledged usage of these resources.  Please provide an explanation if no publication resulted from prior usage.

If awardees exhaust their allocations before the 12 month award period, supplemental resources may be made available upon demonstration of good progress and a justification for the need of additional resources.

Thank you for your interest in the Pitt CRC HPC resources.