Request/Renew an allocation

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the Pitt CRC HPC resources!

Before filling out the form below:

  1. Please make sure you have carefully ready the guidelines on CRC Allocations
  2. If you are lab staff or a student and need a user account, please ask your PI submit the form in this link to sponsor your account. All non-faculty user accounts require a faculty sponsor. Non-faculty users should not submit this form to request an account
  3. The purposes of the form below are to alllow Faculty members /  PIs to:
  • Request a new standard allocation of 10K service units, and correspondingly have a CRC account created for them.
  • Renew an expired standard allocation of 10k service units. 
  • Submit a proposal for resources beyond the standard allocation (>10K service units).
  • Request a supplement to an existing proposal.  


Request/Renew an Allocation Webform