ARC 2021 Poster Competition Guidelines

ARC 2021 Poster Competition Guidelines

  • Submit your poster, title, and abstract by Tuesday, March 30 to
  • Posters will be formatted as PowerPoint slides: a maximum of four slides, including a title slide.
  • Presentation will be done live on Tuesday, April 6 beginning at 4:15 pm.
  • Presentations are limited to three minutes.
  • Presenters will be assigned a breakout room for their presentations.
  • Presenters will share screen for their presentations.
  • Presenters are welcome to present their posters in open breakout rooms before the contest.
  • University of Pittsburgh graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for two $500 travel prizes.
  • Pitt post-docs are invited to submit but are not eligible for prize money.
  • Students from other institutions are invited to submit, but are not eligible for prize money.


Posters will be judged according to these criteria:


  • Graphics aren’t pixelated screenshots
  • The font is clearly legible
  • The poster maintains a balance between graphics and text


  • The explanation is given in a logical order
  • The presenter is excited about their research
  • The presenter motivates and rationalizes their results clearly with emphasis on the use of advanced computing


  • Presenter understands why their work is novel
  • Presenter understands why their work is important
  • Presenter understands what future work needs to be done

Questions and Answers

  • Follow up questions were answered clearly and concisely

Don’t forget to acknowledge your funding agencies and compute resources!