MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform developed and distrubuted by Mathworks. CRC users can access this software by means of the module loading system on the cluster, or via MATLAB Remote Job Submission.

See the instructions on accessing VIZ for an example of opening MATLAB on those machines.

There are also specific instructions for using MATLAB via Open OnDemand.


To use MATLAB on the CRC clusters, you do not need to purchase an annual research license. 

PIs should indicate whether or not users created under their allocation require access to MATLAB.


The Remote Job Submission method allows for users to submit MATLAB jobs directly to the clusters from a locally installed copy of MATLAB or from VIZ. This is facillitated by Matlab Parallel Server.

This method is great for less experience users who are not as comfortable with the command line or for users who  are having issues with resource intensive processing jobs completeting successfully on their local machine or VIZ.