PBS to Slurm Commands

PBS Torque and SLURM scripts are two frameworks for specifying the resource requirements and settings for the job you want to run. Frank used PBS Torque for specifying the resource requirement. For the most part, there are equivalent settings in each script. The following table lists examples of equivalent options for PBS and SLURM job scripts.

Command PBS/Torque Slurm
Job submission qsub -q <queue> -l nodes=1:ppn=16 -l mem=64g <job script> sbatch -p <queue> -N 1 -c 16 --mem=64g <job script>
Job submission qsub <job script> sbatch <job script>
Node count -l nodes=<count> -N <min[-max]>
Cores per node -l ppn=<count> -c <count>
Memory size -l mem=16384 --mem=16g
Wall clock limit -l walltime=<hh:mm:ss> -t <days-hh:mm:ss>
Job name -N <name> --job-name=<name>

A complete comparison of PBS Torque and SLURM script commands is available.  link to PDF