Interactive Jobs

To submit an interactive job, you should initiate with the srun command instead of sbatch. This command:

srun -n1 -t02:00:00 --pty bash

will start an interactive job. When the interactive job starts, you will notice that you are no longer on a login node, but rather one of the compute nodes.

[fangping@login0a ~]$ srun -n1 -t02:00:00 --pty bash
[fangping@n409 ~]$

This will give you 1 core for 2 hours.

Interactive jobs with x11 forwarding

If you would like to run application that have a GUI interface and for those cases X11 is required, you must pass an authenticated X11 session for the login node to your interactive session on a compute node. You can follow the following steps:

Login from Linux or a Mac terminal:

ssh -X

Then initiate an interactive session with --x11 options.

srun -n1 -t02:00:00 --x11=first --pty bash

This will initiate an X11 tunnel to the first node on your list. –-x11 has additional options of batch, first, last, and all.

Once in your interactive session you can launch software that has a GUI from the command line.

Open Ondemand

We have implemented Open Ondemand to run common GUI tools, such as RStudio, Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab and Matlab. check this link

Quality of Service

All jobs submitted to Slurm must be assigned a Quality of Service (QoS). QoS levels define resource limitations. The default QoS is normal.

Quality of Service Max Walltime Priority factor
short 12:00:00 1.0
normal 3-00:00:00 0.75
long 6-00:00:00 0.5
  • Walltime is specified in days-hh:mm:ss

If your job does not meet these requirements it will be not be accepted.