GNU compilers are available in your path when you login. Newer GNU compilers are available as module environments.

Compiler Version executable name AVX2 support
GNU C 8.2.0* gcc Yes
GNU C++ 8.2.0* g++ Yes
GNU Fortran 8.2.0* gfortran Yes
---- ---- ---- ----
GNU C 4.8.5 gcc No
GNU C++ 4.8.5 g++ No
GNU Fortran 4.8.5 gfortran No

See the man pages man <executable> for more information about flags.

  • GCC 8.2.0 is available through the Lmod Application Environment. See below.
  • Currently, HTC cluster does not support distributed parallel MPI jobs. Only shared memory parallel jobs are supported.

Instruction sets

The Haswell CPUs support AVX2 instructions. The GCC 8.2.0 compiler support AVX2 with the -march=core-avx2 flag. The login nodes have the same architecture as the compute nodes.