CRC Wrappers

The CRC Team wanted to make your lives a little bit easier. We wrote some scripts to save you time. The scripts are written in Python and Perl. All scripts should accept -h and --help to provide help.

What’s Available?

  • Will show you an overview of the current hardware status.
  • Look at your jobs in a convenient way
    • --start: Show approximate start time for your jobs, won’t show if you hit association limits
    • --watch: Watch your jobs as they progress in time (updates 10 seconds at a time)
    • --all: Show all the jobs on the cluster
  • Cancel the the job with the JobID 
  • Show your storage quota on all of our storage systems 
  • Show your usage on each cluster
    • For now, this will only show your primary group. Try groups | cut -d' ' -f1 to find your primary group.
  • Run interactive jobs on the cluster
    • To submit an interactive job, you should use the CRC wrapper: --smp --time=1 --num-cores=2

      would give you an interactive job for 1 hour on SMP with 2 processors. When the interactive job starts, you will notice that you are no longer on a login node, but rather one of the compute nodes.

      [shs159@smp-n2 ˜]$
      Try -h for more details.
    • Note: There is a bug in The Python 2.7 library will be loaded automatically when you run This will prevent you from sourcing a python 3.x environment. See for an alternative method. 
    • This script is meant to be added at the bottom of your Slurm scripts (after srun) to give the statististic of your job.