Service Units

One service unit (SU) is approximately equal to 1 core hour of computing. The charge is calculated based on 2 factors:

  • Number of cores requested
  • RAM requested

We take the maximum charge of the 2 factors. If one requests the default RAM (Requested Cores * Total RAM / Total Cores) you are charged the exact same amount for cores and RAM. Additionally, each of the partitions (see Clusters and Partitions) have a scaling factor. The scaling factor compensates for the cost of the hardware itself. Some examples (using a scale factor of 1):

  • 12 core job, default RAM, 2 hours: 24 SUs
  • 1 core job, all RAM on 12 core machine, 4 hours: 48 SUs

Below, I will break down H2P in clusters (numbered) and partitions (lettered) and provide the scaling factors.

  1. smp [default] (Shared Multiprocessing): Single node (OpenMP) and single core jobs
    1. smp [default]: 0.8
    2. smp-high: 1
  2. gpu (Graphics Processing Units): Single- or multi-GPU processing
    1. gtx1080 [default]: 1 per GPU card
    2. titanx: 3 per GPU card
    3. titan: 0.333 per GPU card
    4. k40: 6 per GPU card
  3. mpi (Message Passing Interface): Multi-Node Jobs
    1. opa [default]: 1
    2. legacy: 0.333
    3. ib: 1

You can simply look at this information by running scontrol -M smp,mpi,gpu show partition.