Researchers and Projects

Here are some of the researchers collaborating with Pitt CRC on large scale projects. Along with names of PIs and projects are allocations of computing time by Service Units (SU). Projects such as these requiring more than 10,000 SUs submit allocation proposals. Projects using 10,000 or fewer SUs do not require proposals.allocations. Allocations shown here also specify the resource by type of compute node (except in a few cases).

  • SMP: Shared Memory Framework
  • HTC: High Throughput Computing
  • MPI: Message Passing Interface
  • GPU: Graphics Processing Units

Find detailed descriptions of compute node types at


Stefania Albanesi, professor, Department of Economics
Project 1: Lessons of the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis: The Role of Real Estate Investors and Long Term Consequences for the Young
Project 2: Labor Supply and Labor Demand Trends and Changing Business Cycles
Allocation: 145,000 on SMP, 30,000 on GPU until Jan. 24, 2020

Read about Professor Albanesi’s Pitt CRC collaboration: “Pitt economics professor revisits the 2007-2009 financial crisis”


Matthew Barry, assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
"Thermal-Fluid-Electric Coupled Modeling of Integrated Thermoelectric Devices”
Allocation: 1,300,000 total until Jan. 15, 2020

Read about Professor Barry’s Pitt CRC collaboration: “Power from the exhaust pipe”


Panagiotis (Takis) Benos, professor, Department of Computational and Systems Biology

“Probabilistic graphical models for modeling transcriptomic differences of response to a prophylactic cancer vaccine
Allocation: 30,000 on HTC until Feb. 25, 2020


Tullia Bruno, assistant professor, Department of Immunology
“Single-cell RNAseq Analysis of Peripheral Blood and Tumor Infiltrating Immune Cells”
Allocation: 120,000 on HTC until Dec. 21, 2019


Lillian Chong, associate professor, Department of Chemistry
“Simulations of diffusion-controlled chemical reactions in explicit solvent”
Allocation: 3,200,000 on MPI until April 25, 2020

Read about Professor Chong’s Pitt CRC collaboration: “Lillian Chong focuses on under explored regions”


Nathan Clark, associate professor, Department of Computational and Systems Biology
“Using Comparative Genomics to Provide Functional Annotation of Genomes”
Allocation: 380,000 on HTC until Jan. 28, 2020


Michael Colaresi, William S. Dietrich II Chair, Department of Political Science
Project 1. Organize, parse and analyze millions of documents from human rights reports.
Project 2. Analyze documents and press releases from more than 100 Human Rights NGOs to assess the comparative effectiveness of approaches to governments in addressing human rights issues – cooperatively engaging versus “naming and shaming.”
Project 3: Create a Bayesian generative model of Wikipedia editing to identify conflict of interest editing.
Project 4: Track political violence at a high spatial and temporal resolution for the continent of Africa and make predictions for approximately 1.25 million grid-cells on the continent, three months in advance, on a rolling basis.
Allocation: 289,000 on SMP, 10,000 on MPI until Feb. 21, 2020

Read about Professor Colaresi’s Pitt CRC collaboration: “Parsing human rights via machine learning”


Corey Clifford, postdoc, and Goetz Veser, professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
"Process Intensification in the Specialty Chemicals Industry: Understanding the Interplay Between Reaction, Heat-, and Mass-Transfer"
500,000 on MPI until May 28, 2020


Meihong Deng, research assistant professor, Department of Surgery
“Single-cell RNA Sequencing Reveals A New Monocyte Trajectory in Mouse Polytrauma Model”
Allocation: 156,120 on HTC until April 7, 2020


Robert Ferris, Department of Immunology (director, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center)
“Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis of Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCCs)”
Allocation: 121,000 on HTC until Feb. 21, 2020


Sarah Hainer, assistant professor, Department of Biological Sciences
“Building a network of ncRNA regulation”
Allocation: 50,000 on HTC until March 27, 2020


Jingtong Hu, assistant professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
“Efficient Data Transmission Between Transiently Powered Sensors”
Allocation: 650,000 total until April 23, 2020


Geoffrey Hutchison, associate professor, Department of Chemistry
“Data-Driven Quantum Chemical Calculations for Molecular Materials Design”
Allocation: 750,000 on SMP, 10,000 on GPU until April 7, 2020.


Jong H. Jeong, professor, Biostatistics, School of Public Health
“Inference on Win Ratio for Clustered Semi-Competing Risk Data”
Allocation: 500,000 on HTC until Feb. 21, 2020


J. Karl Johnson, W.K. Whiteford Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineer
“Computational Design of New Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications”
Allocation: 2,350,000 on SMP, 2,000,000 ON MPI until April 7, 2020

Read about Professor Johnson's CRC collaboration: "CRC associate director in Catalysis Science $ Technology"


Chae Ryon Kang, assistant professor, Biostatistics in Pitt School of Public Health
“Longitudinal Cluster Randomized Clinical Trials Data Analysis”
Allocation: 500,000 on HTC until Jan. 11, 2020


Kang Kim, associate professor, Department of Medicine
"Ultrasound super-resolution imaging of vasa vasorum in atherosclerotic plaques"
Allocation: 153,600 on SMP until May 27, 2020


David Koes, assistant professor, Department of Computational & Systems Biology
“Deep Generative Models for Drug Discovery”
Allocation: 100,000 on GPU until Feb. 28, 2020


Adrian Lee, professor, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
“Interrogating Genetic Drivers of Metastatic and Recurrent Breast and Ovarian Cancer”
Allocation: 500,000 on HTC until Jan. 24, 2020



Peng Liu, assistant professor, Department of Chemistry
“Computational Studies of Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Organic Reactions”
Allocation: 1,300,000 on SMP, 20,000 on GPU until March 27, 2020

Read about Professor Liu’s Pitt CRC collaboration: “Pitt CRC computation guides catalyst design”


Anna Manelis, assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry
“Aberrant brain functioning during working memory tasks in mood disorders across diagnoses and age groups: Secondary data analysis”
Allocation: 75,000 on SMP until Feb. 29, 2020


James McKone, assistant professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Project 1. “Redox Active Metal Oxides”
Project 2. “Hydrogen Spillover and Migration in Redox-Active Metal Oxides”
Allocation: 339,840 on MPI.until March 2, 2020


Rami Melhem, professor, School  of Computing and Information
“Shadow Computing and Sparse Big Data Analytics on HPC systems”
200,000 on MPI until April 1, 2020


Prahlad G. Menon, assistant professor, Department of Bioengineering
“Hemodynamics Indices and Shape-Based Models of Left Atrial Appendage to Enhance Stroke Prediction in Atrial Fibrillation”
Allocation: 144,000 on SMP until Jan. 25, 2020


Yannis Mpourmpakis, assistant professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Project 1. “Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) over Ligand-Protected MNCs”
Project 2. “Ligand Removal Kinetics in MNC Catalysis”
Project 3. “Identifying Generalized Structure-Activity Relationships for the Dehydrogenation (DH) of Alkanes on Oxides”
Allocation: 3.2 million on MPI, 1.3 million on SMP until Jan. 16, 2020


Steffi Oesterreich, professor, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
“Interrogating Genetic Drivers of Endocrine Therapy Resistance in Breast Cancer and the Tumor Microenvironment”
Allocation: 500,000 on HTC until April 23, 2020


James M. Pipas, professor, Department of Biological Sciences
“Exploring the viral universe and its effects on cellular pathways”
Allocation: 100,000 on HTC until April 23, 2020

Read about Professor Pipas’ Pitt CRC collaboration at: “Pitt researchers hunt viruses in Project Premonition”


Amanda Poholek, director, HSSC@CHP NextGen Sequencing Core Facility, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
“Epigenetic and Transcription Factor Control of Immune Cell Differentiation”
Allocation: 40,000 on HTC until March 24, 2020


Jonathan Vande Geest, professor, Departments of Bioengineering, Ophthalmology, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.
“Studying the Racioethnic disparity in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A proposal for computational resources”
Allocation: 125,000 on MPI, 350,000 on SMP until April 16, 2020


Guofeng Wang, associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
“Computational Study of Metal/Nitrogen Co-Doped Carbon Electrocatalysts for Energy and Environmental Application”
Total allocation: 4,510,000 until April 7, 2020


Junmei Wang, associate professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Project 1. Developing the 2nd Generation of the General AMBER Force field.
Project 2. Developing New Algorithm for Alchemical Free Energy Calculations.
Project 3. Developing a New End-Point Free Energy Calculation Method - Extended Linear Interaction Energy
Allocation: 875,000 on SMP, 100,000 on GPU until Dec. 29, 2020


Xiaosong Wang, associate professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics
“An integrative computational genomics approach to discover driving genetic aberrations and drug targets in epithelial tumors”
Total allocation: 480,000 on HTC until Jan. 14, 2020


Christopher Wilmer, professor, Department of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
Project 1. Structure Property Relationships of Porous Crystals
Project 2. Predicting MOF Conductivity
Project 3. PUFF (Pitt Universal Force-Field) development
Project 4. MOF Sensor Arrays
Project 5. Nanoscale Diffusion of Molecular Machines
Allocation: 400,000 on MPI, 610,000 on SMP until Jan. 9, 2020


Xiang-Qun Xie, professor, School of Pharmacy, Computational Chemical Genomics Screening (CCGS) Center
NIH NIDA National Center of Excellence for Computational Drug Abuse Research (CDAR)
Allocation: 875,000 on SMP, 100,000 on GPU