jz-2016-015024_0002 - Copy.jpgHigh-performance computing plays an integral role in emerging areas of medicine and biology. At the smallest scale, medical and biological research deals with molecular interactions, e.g., modeling of proteins, and enzymes. Modeling of subcellular assemblies, such as ion channels and cell membranes, involves modeling of systems of biomolecules. At still larger scales, entire cellular systems are modeled.



Research Topics

  • Protein folding and binding to increase drug efficiency (Lillian Chong group)
  • Ion transport through biological ion channels to combat the progression and development of diseases (Rob Coalson group)
  • Modeling biological systems in areas such as wound healing and immune responses (Complex Biological Systems Group)
  • Creating models of how the brain and immune system function and change over time in response to certain illnesses, infections, and treatment 
    (G. Bard Ermentrout Group)
  • Computational Modeling of Molecular and Cellular Systems 
  • Protein-DNA and protein-drug interactions and biomolecular complexes and assemblies