Mobydisk retiring July 12: all data must be moved

Dear Pitt CRC Users,
The Mobydisk storage system will be retired as of July 12 and replaced with a new file system.  All data on Mobydisk must be migrated to the new file system. Each group should submit a help ticket to listing the locations of your data (for example /mnt/mobydisk/groupshares/XXXX). CRC will coordinate the process of moving your data, but if you do not submit a help ticket, there is the potential that your data on Mobydisk will be lost.

Mobydisk will be replaced by Pitt CRC’s new BeeGFS file system, which has a 1.6 PB capacity.  All data on Mobydisk must be migrated to the BeeGFS filesystem.
With the new file system, our data storage policy is as follows:

CRC will allocate 5 TB of space to each PI free of charge.

Data from Mobydisk PIs with up to 5 TB will be on BeeGFS.

Any storage requirements above 5 TB will incur a fee of $45/TB/year on ZFS or $65/TB/year on BeeGFS.

CRC will coordinate the process of moving your data. For each ticket, we will contact every PI with data on Mobydisk individually. Expect emails from us before April 5 if you have more than 5 TB on Mobydisk.

The deadlines for completing this transition are as follows:

  • April 5: CRC will distribute a schedule indicating when the PI will no longer have write access to Mobydisk. Individual PIs will lose write access in stages during April, May and June.
  • April 23: CRC will begin migrating PIs.
  • June 28: CRC will finish migrating PIs.
  • July 12: Mobydisk will be fully decommissioned. Any data still stored on Mobydisk will be lost and unrecoverable.

Note for users on CLCBio server:  The folder CLC_Server_Data data is on Mobydisk. We will bring up a new clcbio server, and renamed this folder to CLC_Server_Data_to_be_retired. Files in that folder will be migrated to the newly created CLC_Server_Data on BeeGFS system.