New Compute Resources

Dear H2P Users,

The CRC team is excited to announce the addition of 1,776 compute cores! In the smp cluster and smp partition we added 32 nodes with 24 cores per node.  These
nodes are functionally equivalent to nodes which already existed in the partition. In the mpi cluster we added 36 nodes with 28 cores per node. These new nodes contain modern Skylake Intel processors with 196 GB of RAM, up from 64 GB on the current opa partition. Because the CPUs are different we have created an additional partition on the mpi cluster called opa-high-mem. Charging is currently DISABLED on the opa-high-mem partition during a round of testing. Feel free to run some comparisons to previous runs on opa or ib partitions and let us know if you face any difficulties.

We are looking forward to another big announcement in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Happy Computing,

The CRC Team