Getting Started


I am Faculty; how do I get started?

Users need to be associated with an active faculty account. Faculty can create an account and add an unlimited number of users - undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and staff. Create an account.

Who can get an account?

Every Pitt faculty member is eligible to create an account.

Does it cost anything to use the CRC?
Resources within the CRC is available for free to all Pitt faculty. There is no cost for computing time. Requests for large computing time, however, require a two page proposal justifying the need. If a project requires significant support from a CRC consultant, the PI can contribute funds towards personalized consultation.

Home directories are provisioned on enterprise-grade Isilon storage. The default quota for each user's home directory is 75 GB. Home directories are backed up off-site.

In addition to free computing time, CRC provides 5TB of free data storage for all PIs. For storage beyond 5TB there is a charge of $65-per-TB-per-year. Review data storage guidelines. We can assign your data storage folder on /bgfs or /ix. While the storage arrays have builtin fault tolerance at RAID 6 level, the storage is not backed up off-site. /ix keeps snapshots for up to 7 days. Request 5TB of free data storage or purchase storage.


I am non-faculty: how do I get started?

An adviser, PI, or another faculty member must create an account and add you as a user. Request an account . You must to provide the name and email address of the faculty member who will confirm that you are to be added to an account.

Non-faculty request Who can be added to an account?
Faculty can add an unlimited number of users to an account, including undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and staff members.

For additional questions, please submit a help ticket.

Faculty add a student or other user to an account

How much computing time can I get?
Every faculty account automatically receives an allocation of 10,000 service units.Service units (SUs) correspond roughly with compute hours on a core.
Accounts with an allocation of 10,000 SUs will now receive an e-mail before their annual renewal date asking them to submit DOIs for publications that used CRC resources. If account holders do not have publication, they will submit a short description of the work they do using CRC. 

What if I need more computing time than 10,000 service units?
Faculty can submit a short proposal requesting more computing time. See the guidelines for proposals. Proposals must be submitted through CRC’s online portal.The portal page also offers a template for proposals and example of a successful proposal.

What software does CRC have available?
CRC offers more than 400 installed software packages, which are continually updated and expanded. See the full list of available software

How can my students get help?
Users on an active account can submit help tickets to CRC.
You can also contact CRC directly. 
Telephone and walk-in information are available.

Does CRC offer training?
CRC offers a wide range of workshops and in-class lectures and personal consultation are also available.
See CRC’s Fall 2020 workshop schedules.

Still have questions? Submit a help ticket