Data Storage Policy

Pitt CRC's new storage system will be available to all clusters, based on the BeeGFS parallel file system. The system will provide greater capacity (1.6 PB) than the retired Lustre file system (Mobydisk). Existing data on Mobydisk will be migrated to the new storage, and Mobydisk will be powered off.

Our formal policy for data storage charges on the new system, as well as storage on the current ZFS file system:

  • No charge for up to 5 TB of data per PI, spread between the BeeGFS and ZFS file systems.
  • Above the free 5 TB, there will be a charge of $45 per TB per year on the ZFS system, and $65 per TB per year on the BeeGFS system. These are subsidized rates.

Note: the ZFS file system has lower bandwidth and higher latency than the BeeGFS system but is well suited for longer-term storage. An advantage of the ZFS system is that files are automatically compressed, so a file that was on Mobydisk may occupy considerably less space when moved to ZFS. The ZFS file system also maintains snapshots of file changes for up to two weeks, allowing users to recover accidentally deleted files.