Register now for CRC online Fall 2020 workshops

Note: All workshops are presented via Zoom. Attendees will receive an email confirmation and a link for a Zoom meeting before the workshop.

Cluster Training
Tuesday, Aug. 25, 1-4 pm

CRC's semi-annual cluster training workshop. We will go over the new hardware and modules, and the queuing system in production. We will present useful concepts for computations using SLURM, including queuing strategies, using scratch space, and trapping exit codes for restarts. Presented by Pitt CRC consultant Shervin Sammak. The class is limited to 30 people, but CRC will schedule another workshop later in the semester to accommodate a waiting list. Attendees will receive an email confirmation and a link for a Zoom call one day before the workshop.

Intro to Deep Learning with Pytorch
Friday, September 4, 1-4 pm

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of training a neural network in PyTorch. First, we will go over neurons, forward- and backward-pass, loss, and optimizers. Second, we will discuss loading up custom data into PyTorch using the Dataset/DataLoader classes. Third, we will build a dense neural network and train the model using a Dataset/DataLoader. Finally, we will discuss and then fine-tune a convolutional neural network model. Presented by CRC consultant Barry Moore II.
This workshop will also be presented through the University Library System Thursday, Nov. 12, 1-4 pm. To register go to: Do not register through CRC.

Introduction to R
Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1-4 pm

Hands-on training on the R language syntax, running R code on the cluster, and strategies for parallelizing R code. Presented by Pitt CRC consultant Kim Wong.

Ab initio Simulations, Session I
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1-4 pm

The workshops will focus on the application of ab initio software for the simulation of complex materials. The topics treated during the workshops will include: basic ideas of quantum mechanical simulations, wave-function theories and density functional theory, simulation of periodic systems, basic and advanced ab initio molecular dynamics. Presented by CRC consultant Leonardo Bernasconi.

Ab initio simulations, Session II
Friday, Oct. 30, 1-4 pm

Data Analysis with R
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1-4 pm

Hands-on training on data wrangling, programming with R, and modeling using statistical methods. Presented by Pitt CRC consultant Kim Wong.