Pitt CRC Offers Free Access to FastX, STATA/MP Software

Pitt Center for Research Computing (CRC) offers free access to two software packages that enable high-performance computing in a GUI environment. Pitt CRC has 30 licenses for FastX, a program allowing users to connect to clusters via a web browser, easing access for programs such as Ansys, Matlab, ParaView and VMD. FastX offers 5-12 GB RAM for visualization and fast access to storage.

Users connect through a desktop client (for Windows, Mac or Linux, or a browser on a PC) at viz.crc.pitt.edu using a Pitt username and password. The server is behind Pitt’s firewall, so off-campus users must be on a VPN.

Pitt CRC also offers a shared license for STATA/MP statistical software, which offers the same data analysis, data management and graphic development as conventional STATA, but configured for multicore and multiprocessor computing.

Ten core STATA/MP licenses are available for a maximum of 20 simultaneous users at no cost for one year. After that year departments using STATA/MP pay a share of the license cost based upon each department’s percentage usage.

To apply for an allocation of Pitt CRC resources, go to https://crc.pitt.edu/apply/ or contact us at https://crc.pitt.edu/contact/.