Geoff Hutchison wins 2018 Tina and David Bellet Excellence Award

Geoff Hutchison, associate professor in the Chemistry Department is the 2018 Tina and David Bellet Excellence Awardee. The award recognizes his effectiveness and his
innovations in teaching. Among many innovations Hutchinson
developed Avagadro molecular editor; with that software, he designed projects
that allow Physical Chemistry students to perform quantum mechanical
calculations to visualize results/concepts. He has worked with assistant professor Daniel
Lambrecht to develop the Pitt Quantum Repository a
website for viewing molecules on a desktop, web, or iPhone. Students can
visualize and rotate molecules for themselves – connecting the 3D
visualization to 2D handouts or presentation slides. This repository and the Avagoro suite of projects are increasingly being used in the Chemistry curriculum, including introductory freshman courses, to explain structure-function relationships.