Daniel Lambrecht: Course Transformation Award for Math Education for Chemistry

Congratulations to Professor Daniel Lambrecht who received the Discipline-Based Science Research Center’s (dB-SERC) Course Transformation Award. These awards are given to faculty members who seek to improve student learning outcomes by adopting evidence-based teaching practices. Dr. Lambrecht will be developing Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activities to improve physical chemistry student’s understanding of the underlying mathematics used in the course. Throughout the course, students will break down realistic chemistry problems into manageable computer-based models, solve the models using the advanced research computers hosted by our center, validate and explore limitations in the models, and interpret the results. Dr. Lambrecht expects the class to be more engaging and enhance learning outcomes for students in their education path and future careers. The Center for Research Computing (CRC) is proud to offer Dr. Lambrecht a teaching allocation and access to our new Jupyter notebook server.


For more information about dB-SERC visit http://www.dbserc.pitt.edu. If you are interesting in teaching allocations or the Jupyter notebook server please contact CRC using https://crc.pitt.edu/contact