New Hardware Testing Phase

Hello H2P Users!

We just added a 2400 core expansion to the SMP cluster on H2P. We would like to invite you to do some testing with us. There is a new partition on the smp cluster called test. We are making this available to all users on H2P starting today in a “testing” phase.

Hardware details:

  • Dual Socket, 12 core CPU @ 2.60 GHz (i.e, 24 cores total)
  • 187 GB RAM (DDR4 @ 2666 MHz)
  • 500 GB Local SSD Scratch ($SLURM_SCRATCH)

During this period, we are interested in two aspects:

  • Precision: Do you get the same answer compared to previous calculations?
  • Speedup: How do these calculations perform compared to previous ones?

On test, the charging of SUs have been turned off! Share a support ticket with your results or issues.

If you don’t already have access:

  • See Apply for allocation for details about getting access to H2P.
  • Are you waiting on a proposal to be reviewed?
    • Be patient, we plan to finish the current reviews soon!

Thank you,

The CRC Team